Lectures & Workshops

I have a particular interest in alerting students to good professional practice. This has led me to develop sessions designed to help graduates succeed as freelancers. 

I currently have seven lectures, listed below. They are illustrated, invite input from students, and give practical advice. I also run workshops.

I’m pleased to have had a very positive response to the sessions from students and tutors. 

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Introduction to Illustration

Clarifies what it is and how it’s done.
Shows a wide range of examples and
potential markets, and covers the basics
of how to promote your work, contact a
client and the process of a commission.

How to Have Ideas

Explores some of the messy and
rewarding tactics behind creativity, with
some creative input from students during
the talk and plenty of practical tips to try

Tax etc…

An accessible summary for those embarking on self employment. Covering how to keep good records, register your business, essential deadlines and other useful information.

Accepting a Commission

Advises on general principles of pricing,
good practice regarding negotiating and
how to manage potential hazards.
Explains the basics of copyright and is
very interactive. It’s mainly comprised of
putting professional practice dilemmas to
the audience for comment and discussion.
Issues explored include strategies to
manage ambiguities, small budgets and
a range of challenging behaviour as
smoothly as possible.

A Commission in Detail

Behind the scenes, following one real
commission. From initial contact, through
negotiation, contract, roughs, artwork and
invoicing. This provides essential, practical information about how to embark on work
as a freelance illustrator.

Self Promotion Workshop

Covers the basics of how to promote yourself as an illustrator and includes an exercise that encourages students to see promotional material with the mindset of a commissioner.

Negotiation Workshop

A challenging fast paced session to give students the practical experience of managing the negotiation, contracts, creativity and deadlines of a commission. It memorably imbeds the theory of professional practice.

Introduction to Copyright

What is is…why it matters…how to protect
it. Includes simple, practical advice that
can increase your potential income.
Highlights the pitfalls associated with losing your copyright and gives tips on effective, assertive communication with clients to enforce your rights.

Lighting Darkness

Explores the process of illustrating a
poetry book on the theme of genocide.
Looks into progress from roughs to artwork
and invites discussion of the possible
approaches to the creative and practical challenges illustrators may face.

Artwork shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2021

Introduction to Illustration Workshop 

Leads students through a range of ways to approach an editorial brief both in terms of media use and conceptual thinking. Results in a final piece presented in context for discussion as a group.

Lighting Darkness Workshop

Challenges students to try experimental responses to illustrating sensitive subject matter. 

Showtime Workshop

Encourages innovative storytelling with improvised visuals made from cardboard boxes. The session is engaging and challenging and results in puppet show style presentations to the group. It creates a positive buzz and has often revealed unexpected skills in participants.

And, briefly, more that encourage the development of image-making

Other sessions explore and encourage: diversity of approaches, analysing images, generating expressive artwork, observational figure drawing, research and development methods…

I’d be pleased to discuss a session that would work effectively within your course.